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We're hosting an Open House on 8/19!

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Join our dance fam at Studio Pulse on Saturday, August 19th for FREE trial dance classes, BBQ, ballerina cupcakes, dance swag giveaways, dress code and costume closet sales, and $20 off of annual registration for new students!

Open house class schedule includes:


1:15-2:00pm - Intro to Contemporary ages 7+

2:15-3:00pm - Intro to Jazz ages 7+

3:15-4:00pm - Beginning/Intermediate Contemporary ages 9+


1:15-2:00pm - Pre Hip hop ages 5+

2:15-3:00pm - Pre Ballet ages 5+

3:15-4:00 - Intro to Ballet ages 7+

We'd love to meet new faces and celebrate with returning friends!

Food & giveaways available as long as supplies last!

Learn more about our studio and view the informative registration packet at here.

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