We're thrilled that you'll be joining us in class.
If you are an adult dance enthusiast, read the below information thoroughly to streamline your visit.
If you are looking for information to sign up a child, please refer to the registration packets available here.


So, do I just show up?
YES! You dream of dancing; we grant your wish. It's as simple as walking into the studio when your schedule permits and taking a class. Similar to a gym or yoga studio, you can puchase either a single class or class packages for reduced class rates. Be sure to bring a water bottle. If your class requires a yoga mat, bring yours or rent one from the front desk for $2.


How long until I feel like a "dancer?"
This is different for everyone and dependent on both attendance and the style of class you're taking.

Some students find modern, jazz, contemporary and hip hop classes to be more freeing and more immediately accessible than ballet, while others prefer the structure and meticulousness of a ballet class. Some students find dance fitness or yoga centric movement classes to be most in line with their desire to move creatively outside of a traditional dance class setting.
No matter the style of dance you choose (ideally a handful of different ones for well-rounded training!), focus and regular attendance are key. Much like learning a language or an instrument, there is no progress without practice, practice, practice. It can take several weeks to several months of regular attendance for a beginner to start embodying fundamentals and recognizing terminology, and our instructors take special care to both demonstrate and guide with clarity. You'll find the broader styles of classes you attend, the more technique begins to "click" in your body, and the more you sweat. 

I don't have any indoor shoes, but can I wear the sneakers I came in?
Sorry, but no. Under no circumstances are outdoor shoes allowed in the studio. Outdoor shoes can damage our specialty dance floor and leave small pieces of gravel behind for those dancing barefoot. If you would like to wear shoes for hip hop or dance fitness classes, please bring indoor hip hop or dance sneakers. Clean, non-marking heels are OK for Vixen class.


I don't really dance. Is there anything for me?
Absolutely. Our dance fitness classes will have you grooving and stretching and feeling great. Do keep in mind that any beginning, open level, or intro class will be a fun option for you - Ballet Basics I and Intro to Modern and Jazz are perfect for those new to dance and provide structured time to explore movement. Our classes are filled with wonderful members of the community in all shapes and sizes from all dance (and non-dance) backgrounds. Go ahead - dive in!


My child is well behaved. Can they hang out while I take class?

It's important to us that our adult students find a reprieve from their day in our studio and that you have your time. We kindly request that children stay with another guardian during our adult class hours. ​


Do you offer a free trial class?
Not at the moment. But as a small, locally-owned business, we're proud to offer some of the most economical rates in town.
Our resident professional division offers free "Play with Pulse" dance classes seasonally.

Policies & Studio Etiquette

Please arrive a minimum of five minutes prior to your class start time for check in. Late arrivals are disruptive for both the class and the instructor.


Be sure to sign in at the front desk before your class. Plan ahead to arrive to your class on time. Classes generally do not run for a single student; an abbreviated private lesson may be offered if desired.

Payment: You may purchase a drop-in or class package at the front desk prior to your class. Youth program tuition payments are due the first week of the month.

Expiration dates: Please note that five class packages expire in two months, 10 class packages expire in three months, and 15 class packages expire in four months. We are unable to extend the duration of class packages, no exceptions.



Shoes must be removed and left on the rugs in the entryway.
Absolutely NO outdoor shoes – not even “clean” sneakers – are allowed in the studio or on the marley. If your class requires shoes, please come prepared with non-marking dance sneakers or jazz slippers.
Ballet slippers are recommended for ballet classes, although cotton socks will suffice for trial.



Proper athletic wear is required so that instructors are able to see body positioning; anything from tights and leotards to yoga pants and exercise tops are acceptable.
Warm-up gear (shrugs, legwarmers, layers) is encouraged for the beginning of your class. Dance and athletic wear, as well as shoes, can be purchased at our ballet boutique or at Bodyphlo.

Be sure to bring a water bottle! We do have a hydration station, but you'll need a container.

The studio has a small amount of mats available for new student use. Please bring your own mat if you attend regularly, or mats may be rented for $2.



Personal Effects:
The men’s changing room is the first curtained room in the hall, the women’s is the last curtained room on the right.
Please store jackets, dance bags, etc… in the cubbies provided to avoid cluttering dance space inside of the studio. Items of value should be left at home or in your vehicle; the studio will not be held responsible for lost items.
Please remember to take all personal effects - our lost and found is emptied regularly.

Cell Phones: 
Please leave cell phones outside of the studio. Buzzing/ringing/phone checking is a significant distraction, and each student deserves notification-free time to focus. Some classes offer time to video yourself performing choreography at the end. 


Hair should be securely fastened away from face, preferably in a bun. Tight braids or short ponytails are acceptable.



Do not use any kind of lotion, oil-based hair products, or excessive laundry softener prior to class; it makes the studio floor slippery.
Dancers are encouraged to keep toenails clean and neatly trimmed, especially in classes that are led barefoot. In a closed space filled with bodies, personal hygiene is appreciated by all!


Lost & Found:
We keep forgotten items in our lost and found for several weeks, but donate clothes and water bottles regularly. Please double check that you leave with your belongings, or be sure to stop in to pick forgotten items up in a timely manner.

Please do not leave children under 10 unattended in our dancer’s lounge; they will not be supervised if they are not in a class. Absolutely no markers permitted inside the studio.

Food & Drink:
We work to provide an elegant, clean facility for all of our students. Absolutely no beverages other than closed containers for water are permitted past the front desk. As a courtesy to other dancers, we request that pungent, perishable, or fast food items not be brought into the facility. 


To note:

Please do not touch or lean against mirrors or viewing windows (we kindly request that small children not be allowed to touch glass doors.)

Classes do not run for a single student unless upgraded to a private lesson. Encourage friends to join you!

Hours of operation are during class instruction times. FALL HOURS:  Mon-Fri, 3:45-7pm

Studio Pulse Center for Dance - locally owned and operated with love and expertise.
Located at 2422 East Tudor Rd,. next to UPS. Phone: 907-677-8573

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