Whitney Whitman - 5 stars on Google

We switched to this school a few weeks ago and I am so impressed. My daughter’s skills have improved tremendously in just those few weeks. The teachers are fun but focused, age-appropriate but with high expectations for proper form and attentive behavior. Thrilled to be a part of this community!

Amber Hahn - 5 stars on Google
Anchorage is very lucky to have this studio in our community! Studio Pulse is a unique dance studio that offers classes for both adults and children. I have taken adult classes since the studio opened in 2013. My young children (ages 3 & 5) have taken classes for the past year and are continuing this upcoming year. Both the adult and children's classes are a wonderful mix of focus on technique, precision, and mastery while at the same time being fun and inviting. Studio Pulse has a friendly atmosphere that makes everyone, regardless of experience, feel welcome. The adult classes operate on a drop-in basis and no matter how much time has passed since I last attended a class, I am always warmly welcomed back. The drop-in format for adult classes works perfectly for fitting in a class when I can on top of working and parenting. The adult classes offer both combinations that build from week to week and new choreography. Therefore, you won't feel bored if you attend classes regularly but you also won't feel lost if you do not attend classes regularly. The children's classes are on a regular schedule with a variety of times offered during the school year. The instructors are beautiful dancers with great technique that provide wonderful demonstrations for the children to follow. The instructors provide discipline and have appropriate expectations while also making the classes very fun for the kids. Stephanie, the owner, is extremely friendly but also professional and listens to feedback about classes that are offered at the studio. The schedule and classes offered change based on that feedback. I cannot speak highly enough of Studio Pulse and would recommend it for anyone interested in dancing, whether you are a new beginner, a previously experienced dancer wanting to return to dancing, or a currently experienced dancer looking to progress further.

Brittany Swanson - 5 stars on Facebook
Studio Pulse is warm, welcoming and professional. My daughter began dancing at Pulse as a mini ballerina and continued into the youth programs for 3 years. Had we not moved out of state we would still be at Pulse. We miss Stephanie (studio owner) and all the amazing dance instructors dearly. I highly recommend this studio to any dancer- from creative movement beginner to seasoned pro. You will be graciously welcomed into an amazing dance family!

Therese Brennan - 5 stars on Google
My daughter has taken class at Studio Pulse for the past 3 years, starting as a mini-ballerina and growing from there. I can't speak highly enough of this studio and her experience there. I've watched her grow as a dancer and as a person, learning technique, how to perform, and making friends along the way. As a parent, they offer classes that are affordable with top-notch instructors at prices far less than other studios in town. There's a lovely lobby with a chandelier and you can even buy your student's gear at the front desk (I did!). I have also taken adult drop-in classes when I can find the time, and they're so much fun in a judgment-free environment.

Sarah Baird - 5 stars on Facebook & Google

I started dancing at age 26 and I've been going to classes at Studio Pulse for several years. All the teachers are wonderful professionals. They are especially great at tailoring classes to the students and taking care of beginners. Stephanie, the founder and artistic director, is so inspiring. She’s an incredible artist and generous with her talent. Her enthusiasm is infectious; her classes are so much fun. When I tried to drop out of the student company recital, she helped me push through the worst stage fright of my life. She's also incredibly down-to-earth, humble, and kind. The environment is nurturing and collaborative, not competitive. I feel inspired by other dancers, not intimidated. Dancing has helped me feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life. I feel grounded and present in my body. My chronic depression and anxiety are better controlled than they’ve ever been. I feel much more powerful in my life. I am even more in touch with and better able to communicate my feelings. I'm so grateful to Pulse for helping me improve my relationship with my body. Dancing has helped me learn from my mistakes. I can even enjoy making mistakes because I know I learn from them. It’s made me more courageous. Dancing is exactly what was missing in my life and I am so happy I found a wonderful, nurturing place to learn more! It genuinely feeds my soul.

Frances Seater - 5 stars on Yelp
A top notch technical dance studio for all levels, even for adults-no kidding! Fabulous classes with those who actually understand instructing people beyond the teen years. A rare gem, especially in a city this size...if you love to dance, or even if you have passion & are completely new, reach for your dreams-this amazingly creative studio can take you there & do it safely...bravo, Pulse! We are so lucky to have this studio!!!

Emily Haag - 5 stars on Yelp

I've been attending the adult drop-in classes here for three weeks and am LOVING it.  Stephanie (owner/director) is energetic and welcoming and all of the teachers are passionate, supportive, and give you constructive feedback to improve (but not too many corrections at once).  The class variety is also amazing - I never thought I'd get to take ballet, vixen fitness, hip-hop, yoga, pointe prep, yoga, pilates, and burlesque all in one place!  The studio is very nice and well decorated.  Overall a great place to go, regardless of your dance level or experience.  I highly, highly recommend it.

STUDIO HOURS: Open Monday-Friday 3:45-8:00pm, Saturday 9:15am-2:30pm

Studio Pulse Center for Dance - locally owned and operated with love and expertise.
Hours of operation are during class instruction times. We are located at 2422 East Tudor Rd,. next to UPS.

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