facility rentals

Before inquiring for rentals, please reference the studio's schedule to find out if the space is available during the times you need. Rentals include use of the studio space, dancer's lounge and changing rooms, ballet barres, lights and sound, heat/AC, janitorial services and staff to either open the facility or provide a key.

Check out the community space rentals in our Annex: https://www.theannexak.com/rentals

Private Lesson 
(studio space & instructor):


Space rental 1
(single dancer, 1-3 person rehearsal, or 501(c)(3) organizations):


Space rental 2
(facility use for for-profit organizations and rehearsals or workshops charging enrollment, membership fees or admittance):

$65/hr Studio A

$50/hr Studio B

Space rental 3

Facility use for hosted event or party (one on-site studio personnel at $20/hr required)
$125/hr for single studio use

$200/hr for double studio use

Space rental 4
Pulse Dance Company Gray Box Theatre: includes set up of pipe and drape, some LED front & side lighting, use of light board, sound system, and a backstage area. Studio seats 50-100 people (chairs not provided) depending on setup. This pop-up theatre is offered Friday nights through Sunday late afternoons only.
$600/event (one on-site studio personnel at $20/hr required).

Deduct $100 if assisting with set-up and break-down.

*Certificate of Liability Insurance must be on file for any organizations renting the facility for events, rehearsals or workshops. Deposit of $300 required to reserve the date. May be returned or applied to final amount due if the facility is left in good condition.


Hours of operation are during class instruction times. FALL HOURS:  Mon-Fri, 3:45-7pm

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