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The current adult drop-in schedule can be viewed here. View some video clips of classes here

BUTI YOGA - This calorie-scorching workout fuses power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance + body sculpting primal movement. Buti Yoga utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique to sculpt + tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body. Students will get out of their heads and into their bodies during this vigorous and revitalizing, yoga-centric workout led to awesome music. We celebrate self care and self love in this unique offering. Mat, water, and fitted or minimal clothing recommended. Class ends with savasana and powerful messaging to get you through the rest of the week. Practiced in a room with 75º-80º ambient heat.


BALLET BASICS (levels 1, 2, and 3)

The very basics for the very beginner through intermediate ballet dancer. These classes focus on barre work, proper technique and alignment, and caters to the burgeoning ballerina in you! Expect explanations, demonstrations and repetition of proper technique. Serves as a great refresher or pointe class for more advanced levels.

Ballet Basics Level  I: Monday at 6:30 pm - gain an understanding at a slow, thorough pace

Ballet Basics Level II: Tuesday at 6:30 pm - further your understanding at a faster pace.

Ballet Basics Level III: Thursday at 6:45pm - Take your dancing up a notch with a broader movement vocabulary and more complex combinations. In this level, class runs until 8:00 with an optional pointe/pre-pointe segment from 8:00-8:30 at no additional cost.


BODIED - This conditioning-geared, dance-inspired fitness class is the perfect after work sweat sesh! Class will raise your heart rate and activate large and small muscle groups. A great endurance/cross training option for dancers, full time desk job divas, and athletes of all levels. Enthusiastic coaching includes a thorough warm up, and class draws from energetic cardio/tribal dance, toning barre work, weights, HIIT, plyometrics, and yoga-influenced stretching and breathing cues. Surprise yourself with how hard you can push! This class is perfect on its own or as a precursor to Ballet Basics I. Mondays at 5:30. Mats are highly recommended or available to rent for $2. Water bottle necessary.


CONTEMPORARY/MODERN - Connect your body to gravity in our intermediate/advanced level modern class. Floor and center work introduce grounded movement and incorporate elements of improv, modern, and contemporary dance. Learn challenging but fun movement combinations, how to safely transition in and out of floor work, fierce across the floor combinations, and luscious choreography that dares you to get gutsy, move seamlessly, and connect to unique dance imagery.


VIXEN FITNESS - This signature Studio Pulse class (formerly named Burlesque Body) developed by studio owner Stephanie Wonchala is popular with our ladies ages 18+! You will sweat, grind, twerk, jiggle, and stretch into the most confident version of your body. This class is ideal for anyone looking for an extended, intense warm up and sexy floorwork. Emphasis is placed on HIIT exercises and easy-to-follow dance combos done to booty-poppin' music. Focus then shifts to sensual movement and developing the strength and agility required to execute intricate moves with fluidity and grace. Floorwork can be tough on knees, and knee protection and/or legwarmers are highly recommended. Choreography varies to incorporate elements of neo-classical burlesque and erotic dance, and new routines are introduced every 2 weeks. Wear workout, yoga, or stylish dance attire - whatever you feel fierce (and won't overheat) in. Bare feet or clean indoor sneakers for the first half of class, option to wear non-marking heels in the second half of class. Music may be explicit; this class is not recommended for anyone averse to floorwork or high impact. Perfect for anyone looking to feel empowered by moving the body their mama gave 'em. Water bottle necessary. 


POWER YOGA - Dig deep and dive into a practice that will inspire your inner warrior. This class strengthens mind-body connection through use of breath and interesting flow sequences. Students will explore the edges of their strength, flexibility, and physical and mental stamina throughout this one hour, 80º class. Modifications provided make this an excellent course for any practitioner looking to both sweat and find serenity.

Rotating workshops (not currently on the schedule, but check back later!):


CONTEMPORARY BALLET - Explore your edge as we utilize ballet vocabulary and the aesthetic of a classical line while incorporating elements of modern dance. Dancers will use classical ballet as their launchpad from which they’ll develop more complex coordination, mental flexibility, and an artistically adventurous approach to the often rigid structure of ballet.


OPEN STUDIO TIME - Affordable, shared space made available to anyone in the community needing a dance studio, whether to work on technique, develop choreography, or practice partnering. $10/person, no reservations necessary. Because other dancers may also be using the space, headphones are recommended.


CORE & MORE - It’s the barre workout your booty & abs have been waiting for! Perfect for anyone seeking those oh-it-burns-so-good isometric exercises, this class will strengthen and lengthen thighs, bums, tummies, backs, and arms. Drawing from Pilates, barre Pilates, yoga and ballet, this course is beginner-friendly and will encourage you to squeeze just one… more… time! Breath cues, props, and anatomical references are provided so students know exactly what they’re targeting.


DEEP STRETCH - Find your zen after the start of the work week with a class that increases flexibility while targeting ligaments, joints and fascia. This class encourages the mind to slow down, focuses on use of breath, and utilizes props to help students find greater effectiveness, ease, and stability in each posture. Exercises draw from yoga, Pilates, and dance and are practiced to a room temperature of 75º-80º. Mats are highly recommended; bring your own or rent one for $2.


INTRO TO JAZZ -This unique style explores a wide of range of both angular and slinky movements to syncopated rhythms and popular music. Classes will provide a deeper understanding of body alignment, shifting of the weight, and confidence with traveling movement phrases. This class encourages dancers to explore energetic outward performance and self- expression, and draws from Broadway and musical theatre elements. Super fun!


LEAN LINES FOR DANCE - This course incorporates full-body fitness through use of controlled isometric exercises and cardio dance intervals. You’ll move, stretch, and tone as you develop long, lean lines. Drawing from the foundations of ballet and the flare of jazz and contemporary, students will build lean muscles through movement and dance-specific stretching.

Friday Ballet with Alice -  

We're excited to announce a semester of Friday afternoon Intermediate level ballet classes. Instructor Alice Bassler Sullivan guides dancers with ballet experience through a beautiful course incorporating barre, center and across the floor combinations.
This thorough hour and 45 minute class runs every Friday, 11:30am-1:15pm from August 25 - December 22 (no class the week of Thanksgiving). Ideal for homeschooled teens, college students and adults with open afternoons. Drop-ins are $25, or save by enrolling for the 17 class package for $300 (that's two classes free!).

INFERNO SCULPT & FLOW - A vigorous and revitalizing, yoga-centric flow class that incorporates use of breath, weights, blocks, and elements of dance and high intensity exercises. Students will enjoy all of the benefits of yoga interjected with booty-shakin’ plyometrics, fire-building flows, and challenging strength training sequences with free weights. Blast your abs, tone your thighs, sculpt your back and pump your arms to awesome music. Class ends with savasana and powerful messaging to get you through the rest of the week. Practiced in a room heated to 80º.

Vixen Floor Flow

Designed as the perfect complement to our Wednesday Vixen Fitness class! Vixen Floor Flow focus more on seamless, sensual, fierce choreography for those who love learning dances, and less on the intense workout that Vixen Fit provides. Sculpt your tusch and abs on Wednesdays, WERK your slinky bod on Mondays! Instructed by pole dance vixen extraordinaire Breanna Taggart, you will learn how to move your finest assets in routines guaranteed to turn up the heat. This choreography-based class is absolutely beginner friendly; no dance experience required to express your sexy side! Grab the girls or come solo and learn a flirty routine for yourself, for fun, or for that special someone. Platform heels and knee pads are encouraged but not required, and some are available for use.


Hip Hop - 

This fun, open-level course introduces hip hop fundamentals to great music. The style encompasses the movements of break-dancing, body- popping, and housing footwork. The focus of this class is to build a solid foundation to execute popular dance moves to original choreography. Warm up includes isolations, hard- hitting exercises and a breakdown of the highly energetic routine to build stamina and increase musicality. This is our most basic level hip hop class, no previous experience necessary.

6 week tap series - 

This open-level tap class is your ideal way to connect to rhythm and have a blast. Never tapped? That's fine! We'll make sure you have all the tools needed to get tap happy.
In this course, basic to intermediate steps and necessary techniques for tap dancing will be introduced. Class consists of a center warmup and step introduction/review and then moves across the floor, sometimes finishing with a combination.
Tap shoes aren't mandatory, but highly encouraged. Offered on a workshop basis; sign up for our newsletter and folllow Studio Pulse on facebook for updates.

Hours of operation are during class instruction times. FALL HOURS:  Mon-Fri, 3:45-7pm

Studio Pulse Center for Dance - locally owned and operated with love and expertise.
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